Management Consultancy

Real estate investors are able to realize substantial returns through rental income, appreciation, and profits generated by business activities contingent on the underlying property. The benefits of investing in real estate include passive income, stable cash flows, tax advantages, diversification, and leverage. Moreover, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) offer a way to invest in real estate without having to own, operate, or finance such physical properties.



Fertilizers are a crucial agricultural commodity that allows for the mass production of food on a scale large enough to support the enormous global population. Capitalizing on our expertise across the entire supply chain from mining to distribution, we offer comprehensive strategic planning and execution to all our clients in the agricultural industry. Coupled with over a decade of experience delivering top notch results, we are here to provide you with solutions that are not only cost efficient, quality conscious, but also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Urban farming, also known as urban agriculture, is a way for urban dwellers to grow their own food or have access to locally grown food. Numerous advantages present themselves in the urban farming environment, such as increased food security, increased sense of community, growth of affordable and nutritious food source, as well as the efficient use of land. With our vast experience in urban farming projects, we strive towards reducing the carbon emission footprint of our clients while creating a sustainable avenue for fresh, locally grown produce.

Consumer Electronics

Utilizing our vast regional and local supply chain network, we have achieved great success in bringing consumer electronics products to market across multiple countries. The importance of having quality air purifiers to combat rising air pollution levels have sent consumer demand soaring in the global air purifier market. Moreover, allergen removal features present in high grade air purifiers adds another dimension to the heightened user experience. Our experience working with the vast array of technologies used in air purifiers such as High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA), Electrostatic Precipitator, and Activated Carbon places us in a competitive position to capitalize on opportunities that arise in the air purifier sector.

Digital Media

Digital marketing encompasses advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Organizations have increasingly adopted these online media channels to endorse their products, services, and build brand awareness. Critically, our estimates show that consumers rely heavily on digital means to research products, whereby 48% of consumers start their inquiries on search engines, 33% look to brand websites, and 26% search within mobile applications. With our team of exceptional developers and marketing professionals, we have successful launched several marketing campaigns across multiple industries for our esteemed clients.

Food & Beverages

Through numerous F&B projects in our pipeline from restaurants to bars and night clubs, we have gathered essential industry know-hows not only behind the scenes but on the ground as well. As such, the F&B professionals within our consulting arm have identified ways to improve operational efficiency, optimize cost structure, as well as setting up campaigns for consumer outreach and increased customer satisfaction. Leveraging our experience and knowledge working with leading industry experts, we are here to offer tailor made solutions for your specific F&B venture.


Talent Management

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to Human Resources. As People are the most important asset in many successful organizations, it is crucial to find the best personnel for the most suitable position. Having the right pair of shoes will bring you closer to your destination, having the right person of the right job brings the company forward to the next milestone. We work with companies in every industry to help leaders understand their needs and identify inspirational managers to better equip their organization make the next leap. Effective manpower search, evaluation, and selection would help all parties achieve the ultimate goal.

International Business Strategy

Every business, no matter who runs it, faces ongoing change. The only constant in the world of business is change. The only constant in life is change. The challenges when faced with changes are to make the right choices at the right times. Making critical decisions, crafting the transformational journey to elevate the company to the next level, as well as exploring new potential growth opportunities are the essence of successfully adapting to change. Despite enormous global uncertainty, we provide quality solutions based on our localized networks and relationships to pair the right opportunities with the most capable resources and reputable local partners. Every element of strategic collaboration embraces new possibilities and creates value to all partners and stakeholders alike. Meaningful relationships translate to trust, mutual understanding, and eventually alignment of interests amongst all stakeholders involved.

Family Office

We understand our clients thoroughly because effective communication and forming mutual trust is the foundation to all our business relationships. We extend our relationship and support to the entire family and its members, not just the family businesses but to each of its members individually. Understanding the needs, identifying the strengths and weakness of each member creates a clearer generational wealth transfer plan embedded with detailed governance processes to guide the members on how to preserve and grow their wealth. Importantly, we aspire to preserve family values and establish family governance, creating harmonious family growth and providing bespoke services tailored towards each family while simultaneously managing all matters relating to family wealth and affairs.